Monday, March 28, 2011

Life Cycles of Burma/Myanmar

As soon as I arrived in Burma (Myanmar) I was enthralled with the bicycles on the streets. Old style trishaws with luxury double-padded seats for monks and older Burmese dames, tough industrial bikes ferrying metal, bamboo & water across town or just the casual cyclist going to the bustling morning markets through the narrow alleys of Myainigone.

It's like a forgotten age, where the cycle was the vessel of convenience, silent except for the soft melodic bell ring and no exhaust except for the breath of the rider. The trishaw riders here are a rare breed - slow, sinewy frames riding with  seemingly effortless, deliberate motion.  I wish I could emulate that elegant riding style.

Water wheels.
 I saw one of these carrying 500kgs of rice in large sacks with the rider standing upright and striding out.

The classic twin back-to-back seat edition

Bamboo Bicycle

Recycling Cycling - the cargo is aluminium cans

Portable market stall
And isn't this just priceless - or the price of crude?
A cyclist with jerry cans of fuel for motor vehicles.


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