Friday, February 18, 2011

Past Cycling Trips (1) Tibet 2003-6

Tibet is
 such a culturally fascinating and visually stimulating place and I've always be drawn to this area. I first visited Tibet in 1988 and hitch-hiked across the plateau from east to west. I returned there for a backpacking trip through Amdo (NE Tibet) with Judy in 1990.

My 3 cycling trips were in 2003, 2005 & 2006.
  • 2003- with my mate, Rob Cooper as part of the 'Once Were Worriers' team. We sneaked into TAR territory for a week, and then Rob's bike was stolen by bandits. I continued alone in Kham Tibet. 2300kms cycled.
  • 2005 - with my partner, Judy, we cycled up the Salween valley and got stuck in deadly mudslides. Back into Kham Tibet from Zhongdian to Kangding. 2250kms cycled
  • 2006 - solo ride from Zhongdian, Yunnan to Kathmandu, Nepal. A hard but exhilirating ride. 3580kms cycled.
Pete at Everest base camp 5350m June 2006

Young Tibetan boy trying out 'Jota' for size
Mt Makalu (8481m) from the Kangshung Glacier

Rhododendrons in the Karma Valley 4500m

Himalayan blue poppy, Karma valley
Bicycles and Icicles - Climbing Tro La pass (4990m) in spring 2005

Mt. Choyu, east of Tingri en route to Nepal 2006

Pete in front of the Potala Palace 2006

Climbing Tro La pass 2003

Track across the fresh spring snow west of Garze, Kham Tibet 2003

Cannondale, BOB & Pete Kham Tibet 2005

Icy road between Baiyu & Garze, Kham Tibet 2005

Frozen bike on the triple pass above Deqin, Yunnan  2006

High camp below Zemi La & Minya Konka - trekking 2005

7 of the famous 77 bends descending from Gama La into Salween valley 

Self portrait with altitude sickness - first +5000m pass, 2006. I can't recall taking this photo. The pass is just over those hills thar yonder.

Minya Konka and prayer flags from Zemi La 2005

Camp in the high Salween valley 2006

Cycle shadows on the Tibetan plateau 2006

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  1. People do tend to forget that the countries surrounding Everest are as rich as the mountain itself. Climbing the mountain is an achievement. But immersing yourself on the countryside, meeting new people and experiencing their culture, give an equally gratifying experience.

    Harper Cosper