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Past Cycling Trips (2) The Andes of South America (2008-9)

From the Caribbean Sea to the tip of Patagonia

69 degrees of latitude
136,000 vertical metres climbed

This trip was broken (literally)  into two parts:
  • Jan - June 2008 - I cycled solo from Colombia to northern Peru until I had a nasty accident and cracked my colarbone on the dusty road to Huanuco.
  • May - Dec 2009 - After surgery and all,  I returned to Peru with my best little mate Judy and we cycled from Huaraz, Peru to Punta Arenas, Chilean Patagonia. By the way, Judy has recently claimed acknowledgement/copyright on the last 7 photos (and quite rightly so too!).

For more photos, text and maps go this link

Click on the maps to enlarge

Colombia 2008

Ecuador 2008

Peru 2008
Look for the red star where I had the accident and the trail of blood to Lima

Peru 2009
Back again where I left off....

Bolivia 2009

Sorry, I can't find my Chile/Argentina maps. Go the link above.

Climbing the highest pass of the trip Abra Huallasca, 4870m over the Cordillera Blanca, Peru

Sierra del Cocuy, Colombia

Laguna de la Sierra, El Cocuy, Colombia

Quechuan girl, Cordillera Huayhuash

Dawn in Cordillera Huayhuash

Vicunas & Volcan Parinacota, Nth. Chile

Torre del Paine at dawn, Chile Patagonia

Mt. Chimbarazo, Ecuador
Icicles on the bike at Paso de Hachado, Argentina

Stuck in the mud on a pass above Huamachuco, Peru

Cuernos del Paine, Chile

Riding along an ancient path in Cordillera Apolobamba, Bolivia

On the Bolivian altiplano, Mt Sajama (6542m) in the background

Chilean Patagonia - Cerro Castillo

On the Chilean altiplano - lucky to find some fresh roadkill! Check out the dead grouse (tinamou) strapped to the pannier. I found it dead by the side of the road. it was still warm and soft, so cooked it up for dinner. Mmm!

Riding across the Salar de Uyuni, the world's  largest salt lake - in full gear early in the morning  at -10 degrees Celsius.

I have deleted the photo of me cycling nude on the salar the same day. As I was approaching my 50th birthday, I donned my birthday suit that lay wrinkled and discarded in some forgotten place. It wasn't a case of voluntary censorship but just in the interests of good taste.  Because, who wants to see a 50-year old bum on a bicycle?

Flat out on the salt flat! 160 kms on salt!

For more photos and text go to this blog:


Distance (in kms): 
total distance/daily average

Colombia 1975/66
Ecuador 1217/68
Peru 3983/65
Bolivia 1400/48
Chile 2176/63
Argentina 3072/71

Total: 13,823kms

Road Surface: (in kms)
 sealed/dirt roads

Colombia 1704/271
Ecuador 1044/173
Peru 1785/2195
Bolivia 269/963 + 185kms salt
Chile 929/1256
Argentina 2258/814

Sealed: 59% Dirt: 40%  Salt: 1%

Altitude gain (vertical metres): 
total altitude/daily average

Colombia 20,180/670
Ecuador 19,565/1090
Peru 54,830/915
Bolivia 12,010/400
Chile 11,425/340
Argentina 18,000/430

Total: 136,000 vertical metres

no. of days/money spent 
$US (per person)/
daily average

Colombia 49 days / $1000 / $21
Ecuador 28 days / $420 / $15
Peru(2008) 40 days / $610 / $15
Peru(2009) 77 days / $910 / $12
Bolivia 44 days / $335 / $8
Chile 65 days / $1000 / $16
Argentina 68 days / $925 / $14 

Pete’s budget: 371 days  US$5190
US$14 per day 

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